LifeDear life what do you search for in your unempty mind? What do you think about in your unconscious mind? Do you dream about endless possibilities but when the actual time comes to achieve you don’t feel the motivated need or strive to live up to that dream that you created with your own mind. We all want to be something we all want to be someone. Whether it’s a meaningful role to a loved one or a family member. Or simply for your own self and enjoyment. I’ve come to realise a lot about myself in such a short space of time. I know myself so well that sometimes it puts a deadbolt on my breathing system. Sometimes I question myself, okay a lot of times, what the hell am I doing. But I guess that’s called testing out life and trying it out and seeing what you can do. But yes I’ve learnt a lot and done a lot. Only I can be proud of what I’ve done. Only I can be excepting of what’s about to become. The next stages are always hard but isn’t everyday a new stage, some stages we realise more than we realise all others. Just remember what you do and why you do it. Don’t live for anyone else only for yourself. Don’t go living life for someone else. If you want to do something you do it because that’s how you feel even if it’s only in the moment. Don’t be too scared to go after it, because you know you can do it. You’ve done it before you can do it again, you know you can. If someone comes along with a similar mind set don’t let them go, once they’ve gone they’ve gone. Hold on to them and take the world together. 



No point in stressing out dear. No point in rushing my dear. We are meant to do the things that we do but we can at least do it with a clear mind. My dear, my lovely dear you worry about the unworryable, you care too much about judgement. You feel the essence of fear that leads to panic of racing heart, which later then scrambles with your mind. My sweet dear remember who you want to be, even if it’s daily. Remember that I’m always here, even if it may seem like you’re alone. Remember my dear you are capable of anything. Secondly my dear you are a dear, Everything will be okay, focus and breath. I’ll get you there

Girl travelling, the Unknown takes whilst being in the road

I’m not literally on the road, I don’t have a car, if I did it’s invisible. On the odd occasion I decide to walk on the road, my wild side coming out, so you could quote that as being on the road. Guess that’s up to you.

The Unknown takes isn’t glamorous, it’s more about the things people leave out about travelling, sightseeing life, or it could possible be me being me. It’s possible what’s happened to me may happen to you or maybe you can simply nod your head relate or cringe in disgust because this blog is pretty unclean.

To the point, you either don’t have the facilities, time or space in the small spaces showers to do the duties of trimming up your areas that grow hair, legs, armpits and the lady part. So you get the uncomfortable ingrown hairs that are a nightmare, slight pain and a pure downer, a bumpy unplugged forest isn’t a thing I’d want and it sure does put a downer on the uplifting spirits of personal happiness. Then there’s the ability to pluck eyebrows. Some places don’t even have mirrors, so be warned you might as well rock the hairy one eyebrow look at a young age. You’ve got the bag eyes, they tend to come about day seven on hostel road. Don’t expect to receive your beauty sleep girls, then again most of you are probably party animals. I haven’t let my cards slip yet.

The one thing about travelling I’d dreamt imagined about was spending time with unknown amounts of people, instantly at ease with conversation. Chilling with like minded people. Like I said it may be me as a person but for me I’ve discovered travelling is lonely. Not just lonely for simple hours, it’s lonely to the fact that even when you are in a room with people and you do try to communicate no one simply wants to know, as either heads go down to the techy phones or the most often rude response is they talk in another language to the people they are with, which instantly excludes you. Pretty much a slap in the face. Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for pretty sights travelling wouldn’t be a great thing for me. But saying that I’d like to think travelling is about meeting people. I mean, contradicting myself here, but to hear other people’s stories is amazing. To just be around people is amazing, maybe I’m saying this because at times you go so long without a proper meaningful conversation that you grave to hear someone speak, even if it’s something you know nothing about. But it is hard to converse with people. Most travellers have travelled with others or with partners so they see no need to converse with you, other times people/solos just want some quiet space. I understand that. It just feels for me at most times it’s a lonely bubble. You can’t really talk to anyone back home about it because they don’t understand as they’ve not been through it. To be honest your not going to poor out your heart to the first person that talks to you. On the road it’s light hearted unless you really bond with someone but that’s not often as time is always a factor. As many come and go, only in nine destination at a time, part of travelling. So don’t expect travelling to be easy but then again nothing in life is suppose to be easy, otherwise where’s the challenge in that.

For foodies, you’ll enjoy the road. Food has always been a comfort for me. But no income, money soon dwindles, so in some cases, foodies you may struggle to feel your hunger of happiness

Let me know what you decide 

It’s okay to have dreams, it’s okay to imagine. It shows you are a dreamer and you have creative skills. It’s okay to have thoughts about things, it’s okay to think about an other life an other possibility. What are we really doing though. You say you want one thing and you can picture it but you never go through with it. Why, ask yourself why. Why don’t just step just go. It doesn’t cost you a thing, you just look for excuses but all you do is close yourself of from change but you’ve realise through what you’ve already done that people don’t change so why won’t you step and just go and just do. If it’s the thought you won’t be good enough or whatever then there isn’t much hope as it shows that you aren’t confident in your own abilities. It’s a time to grow up and just

T of thoughts 

The feelings of head, if only you could have the ability to change the thoughts within as quickly as you can change your appearance. Stay three of tryin to socialise. It’s not even really day three is more like day two as day one wasn’t a full day. It’s hard, or the battle with the voice within my head is very challenging. Don’t get me wrong, where I am, the people I’m with is amazing amazing places and an amazing ability but the sights the people, they do for a time, but not for a long period give me the thoughts of wanting this. I’m not sure what I want and I’m pretty sure I’ll never know what I want. He guidance of life is given, this tour is one. But the guided of closed mind would be a welcome. The ability to stop thinking, not being aware of people, especially people I’m never going to see again in my entire life, to let go and just be weird, always holding back is exhausting. Always feel like I’m constantly on guard but the funny thing is what have I got to be on guard force ? It’s not like I’m going to be with these people forever, half of them, whether it’s because they can read me, don’t really try and talk. Then again I am shit. It’s not like you going to meet your best friend someone your going to fall for, even if you did hey probs wouldn’t except. 

The start of tour

Bus drive to Noosa, coolooba to a place where we stayed in huts. Then a half an hour drive to Harvey’s hut where we left to canoe about 5km to a little island of sorts allowing us to have lunch. Canoed another 5km which took us back to Harvey’s hit but along the way we stopped on sand islands, which allowed the ability to be seen as if we are standing on water. After hysterics of trying to canoe to laughing hysterically as that the way to come, it was a good day. Ending with sitting around a fire listening to one another, whilst in coolomba we saw wild kangaroos and baby ones. It’s good to be around like minded people. The niceness of being in company after couple of weeks on your own is refreshing. Listening to people is nice but still don’t like voicing my life. 

Everyone seems nice, well educated and ambitious. Very motivated


Waking up was a struggle, dreaming of being in homeland of being home and running up to people I call family, seeing there faces, it was a weird sensation of realising that you are millions of miles away from being home. 

But up and about took us to rainbow beach, a little stop on the way to get a drink, then jumping back of to a big vehicle to a ferry ride of ten mins that took us to frazer island. Frazer island isn’t a little patch of grass it’s a heavy set of sand land. 75 miles of sand land. With a mixture of different stories making up a mixed history. Frazer, depending on where you are, is an amazing place to be. The ability to be thousand of miles somewhere, out in the open, on the biggest amount of sand in the world. Is a wow moment. Some nature trees, the odd dingo, millions amount of sea. It’s a breathing moment. On frazer island we stopped at lake Mckenzie, a fresh in closed lake, no salt within the water. Pure open space of smooth sand, open clear waters, with the bonus of the sun beating down. It’s lush. Take the moment in. The lake is suppose to be a cleanser, the people say if you rub in the sand Upon the body is exfoliates the skin. Not sure if it’s true but it defiantly makes the skin feel a hundred times softer. 

Hopping back into the bus we next stop within the millions of trees on frazer island. Walking through the nature, learning about the varies of trees. After a nice refreshing stroll we hop once again back on to the bus which took us to our accommodation in happy valley. The accommodation is a pure wow. For the tour, it’s not something you would have thought would be included. But then again after backpacking for over seven weeks, seeing this places is probs a pure hundred percent wow as I haven’t seen anywhere like this in a very long time. An actual bed, not bunk beds or a small little box. Plenty of blankets, finally giving you the choice to be warm. A hot clean warm shower, making you want to stay under the spray forever on end. It’s a lovely places to stay with so many beautiful sights. Frazer is a worth place seeing. 

Day 3 over